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  • Acne in Babies, Teenagers, and Adults - 533 words
  • Best Acne Treatments - 800 words
  • Concealing Acne - 714 words
  • Easy Nutritional Tips for Dealing with Acne - 579 words
  • Natural Acne Treatments - 523 words

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"Recently dermatologists have begun to notice an large increase in the number of adults suffering with adult acne. But that isn't all. Dermatologists are also finding more and more cases of acne in both babies and teenagers proving that when It comes to acne, anyone can be affected. 
Acne is the result of clogging in the pores, but how those pores get clogged and why they can become clogged still remains to be seen. After all, a newborn with acne is not eating poorly, so even though diet plays a big part in the cycle of acne, diet can't be the only thing to blame. People who have excessively oily skin get acne, but so do those with very dry skin. This is further proof that hormones can play a huge part in the problem of acne. "



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