Paleo and HCG Diet Bundle

$40.00 - Includes:

  • Complete Paleo Diet Bundle
  • Complete HCG Diet Bundle
  • 3 Exclusive Bonuses!

Product Information


 Complete Paleo Diet Bundle:

  • 5 Paleo Diet PLR Articles
  • 5 Paleo Diet PLR Blog Posts
  • 5 Paleo Diet Clickbank Promo Emails
  • 5 Paleo Diet Product Reviews
  • Paleo Diet Report - 9 pages, 2504 words - Includes title page and pictures


Complete HCG Diet Bundle:

  • 5 HCG Diet PLR Articles
  • 5 HCG Diet PLR Blog Posts
  • 5 HCG Diet Clickbank Promo Emails
  • 5 HCG Diet Product Reviews
  • HCG Diet Report - 9 pages, 3321 words - no title page or pictures included


3 Special Bonuses:

  • Report - Cashing in on the Christmas Diet Niche - 14 Pages

                                             Topics Include:

                                      The Seasonal Reasons People Diet

                                      Finding Your Pitch

                                      How to Become an Expert

                                      Using Social Media for Your Niche

                                      Finding Related Products to Promote


  • Over 20 Low Competition keywords in the Christmas Diet Niche
  • 50 Conversation Starters




Sample - Paleo Diet Bundle:

"The Paleo diet foods that you eat are essential for your success on the Paleo diet. If you are not eating a diet that is high in protein and full of clean foods then you will never see the full results of eating Paleo. After all, this diet is hinged on you 'eating like a caveman', meaning that you need to eat foods that come from the earth in their purest form.

For instance, instead of eating an egg sandwich in the morning, you will just eat the egg. Instead of adding milk to your coffee, you will drink it black, and instead of a steak and cheese sub you will just have the steak. When you are eating Paleo diet foods, you are eliminating things like processed foods, sugars, and most dairy products. These things are not in their natural form, and they will not be able to give you the nutrition that your body needs to stay strong and healthy."


Sample - HCG Diet Bundle:

"Like with any diet, if you want to be successful using HCG, you must stick to your HCG diet foods. Yes, it is the HCG injections that will help you to see real changes on this diet plan, but if you don't eat the right way you will never experience the full benefits of HCG.
The HCG diet foods that you can eat will vary depending on which phase of the diet you are in. For instance, people in phase one don't have to worry so much about their calorie intake. In fact they are expected to eat as much as they possibly can in an effort to sufficiently prepare their bodies for the diet. But then on phase two you are supposed to drop your caloric intake drastically, (down to 500 calories a day), and this is when the HCG diet foods become a little stricter."


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