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  • 6 inch Kindle Paperwhite - 584 words
  • iPad Mini - 517 words
  • Kindle Fire 7 - 592 words
  • Kindle Fire HD - 516 words
  • Nook HD Tablet - 596 words

Product Information



 Sample 1:

"Are you ready for the experience of the all new iPad mini? Created in the image of the popular iPad, the mini adds something new to the popular ipad family. If you are looking for something that offers the look and features of the popular iPad in a much smaller form, than the iPad mini is the tablet for you. Stunning and sleek, it is easy to see why this tablet is quickly becoming a bestseller. And after learning of the features of the iPad mini, it will also be easy to see why even people who already own an iPad are jumping at the chance to buythe iPad mini. 
The biggest thing that makes the iPad mini stand out from the iPad is that it is well, mini. A smaller version of the popular iPad, the mini offers a 7.9 inch display, making it the perfect on the go tablet. The iPad Mini can easily fit into a purse, under a car seat, or in a backpack. This makes it the perfect solution for people who want an 'on the go' tablet but don't want to have to carry around a large tablet with them all the time."


 Sample 2

"Everywhere you look, tablets are taking the world by storm. They are quickly replacing smartphones as the go-to electronic. The kind of electronic that you need to take with you everywhere, the kind of electronic that offers an all in one solution for everything that you need. The Kindle Fire 7 HD is no exception. Whether you are looking for a tablet that offers a variety of apps, a way to read all your favorite books on the go, or a way to watch movies wherever you are, the Kindle Fire 7 HD is the tablet for you. 
The success of Kindle tablets started with the original Kindle, the e-reader that was like nothing that had ever been on the market before. Then they designed the Kindle fire, a stunning color version of the Kindle that also had the features of a tablet. But in typical style, Amazon didn't stop with the success of the Kindle Fire. They stepped up their game again and raised the bar for tablets everywhere, with the all new Kindle Fire 7 HD. The resolution is stunning, the overall quality is impressive, and the design is flawless. But who would expect anything less from an Amazon product?"


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