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  • 5 HCG Diet PLR Articles
  • 5 HCG Diet PLR Blog Posts
  • 5 HCG Diet Clickbank Promo Emails
  • 5 HCG Diet Product Reviews
  • HCG Diet Report
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     5 HCG Diet PLR Articles:

    • HCG Diet Foods - 535 words
    • HCG Diet Side Effects - 531 words
    • Liquid HCG Diet - 573 words
    • Should You Be Taking HCG Diet Injections - 525 words
    • What is the HCG Diet - 573 words


    5 HCG Diet Blog Posts

    • HCG Diet and Exercise - 488 words HCG Diet Dangers - 450 words
    • HCG Diet Information - 530 words
    • HCG Diet Recipes - 482 words
    • HCG Diet Tips - 505 words


    5 HCG Diet Clickbank Emails

    • HCG Diet System - 434 words
    • HCG Guide - 442 words
    • Stay Forever Thin - 443 words
    • The HCG Diet Project - 399 words
    • The Naked Truth About HCG - 385 words


    5 HCG Diet Product Reviews

    • HCG Activation Drops - 525 words
    • HCG Guidebook - 571 words
    • HCG Maintenance Recipes - 533 words
    • HCG Meal Replacement Shake - 519 words
    • The HCG Gourmet Cookbook - 517 words


    HCG Diet Report - 9 pages, 3321 words

    Topics Include:

    • All About HCG
    • Getting Ready for HCG
    • Your Life on the HCG Diet (contains details on phase 1-3)
    • Phase 4 and Beyond



    Article Sample:

    "Like with any diet, if you want to be successful using HCG, you must stick to your HCG diet foods. Yes, it is the HCG injections that will help you to see real changes on this diet plan, but if you don't eat the right way you will never experience the full benefits of HCG. 
    The HCG diet foods that you can eat will vary depending on which phase of the diet you are in. For instance, people in phase one don't have to worry so much about their calorie intake. In fact they are expected to eat as much as they possibly can in an effort to sufficiently prepare their bodies for the diet. But then on phase two you are supposed to drop your caloric intake drastically, (down to 500 calories a day), and this is when the HCG diet foods become a little stricter. "


    Blog Post Sample:

    "There is a lot of talk about HCG diet and exercise. Common logic says that we need to workout to get the best results whenever we change our diets. This is what all of the health professionals say, this is what all the diet gurus agree on, and this is what you have no doubt heard on every diet that you have ever been on. But let's face it, HCG is no ordinary diet, and if you are thinking of using the HCG diet and exercise together, you might want to think again. 
    If you have been using a regular exercise routine before starting the HCG diet, then regular exercise is not likely to bother you. The reason is because your body is used to that activity. You will want to consult your doctor though, just to be sure that your particular workout regime will not be too stressful when you start mixing the HCG diet and exercise together."


    Clickbank Email Sample:

    "Having unwanted weight on your body can cause you so many problems. Extra weight doesn't just weigh the body down, it also affects your health, your state of mind, and your overall sense of self. People who are overweight tend to be more depressed, have more health problems, and feel less confident in themselves. It’s no wonder so many people are desperate for a change. 
    But with so many diet options out there, how can you possibly know which one to choose? Each one claims that it will be the one to finally help you lose weight, and there are even tons of success stories of people just like you who have reached their goal weight. The results of these people look amazing and make you feel like you have finally found the diet that is perfect for you, the diet that can really help you to reach your goal weight."


    Product Review Sample:

    " The HCG diet is without a doubt the most popular diet on the market today. Everyone from celebrities to college students are talking about this diet. This is supposed to be the diet that can make all of your dreams come true. Using the HCG diet, people are claiming they are able to find more energy, feel better about themselves, and most importantly reach their goal weight in record time. 
    But as great as this diet is, there are certain parts of the HCG diet that just aren't for everyone. For instance, much of the reason that HCG is so popular goes back to the daily HCG injections that are needed on this diet. Even though people have said that the injections are relatively painless there are still many people who are unsure if they want to do the HCG diet because they cannot imagine having to give themselves daily injections. "


    Report Sample:

    "Have you been thinking of starting the HCG Diet? Sometimes it seems like everywhere you look people are talking about this diet. People say that it is not only helping them to lose weight, but it is also helping them to feel good about themselves, gain energy, fight cravings, and get healthy in a way they never thought possible.
    Even celebrities are jumping on the HCG diet craze. Everyone from Brittney Spears to Snooki swear by the HCG diet. With so much media attention, it is no wonder you have been thinking about trying the HCG diet out for yourself!"

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