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  • CrossFit - Is It For You? - 535 words
  • The Beginners Guide to Building Muscle - 699 words
  • The Easiest Way to 6 Pack Abs - 539 words words
  • The Secret to Finding a Workout Routine That You Love - 590 words
  • Why You Need Rest Days - 577 words

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Sample 1:

"What is CrossFit? For many, it is the exercise routine that has changed their lives. In fact, in 2012 there were over 3,000 gyms across the world that had accepted the CrossFit methods. But the question isn't how CrossFit has helped other people to succeed, the question is what can CrossFit do for you?

The Basics
The concept behind CrossFit, (also called "cross-fitness training"), is that you have to mix your exercises up constantly in order to get the best out of your workout routine. Only then will you see the results that you want.

For example, let's say that you are a great runner. Running is the one thing that you love to do so you do that exercise the most. Using the CrossFit guidelines, you can't just stick to running as the main focus of your workout. Instead, you will have to alternate repeatedly.

So instead of just doing the cardio exercise of running, you will be weight lifting, biking, and even combat sparring in order to keep working different muscles."


Sample 2

"The thought of starting a new workout routine can be scary, especially when you start hitting the gym. Going to the gym can be extremely hard for someone new to working out. The equipment is new, you have to workout in front of other people, and most of all you are not sure which exercises you should be doing to get the maximum results that you are looking for. It is no wonder so many people who are new to workouts stop going to the gym after only a month or two.

Luckily for you, if you are new to working out there are a few steps that will jump start your path to building real muscle. When you follow these simple steps you will not only be able to see quick results, but you will find yourself feeling more confident, more healthy, and more excited about building muscle.

First, Set Your Schedule
Have you ever heard the phrase, "We are creatures of habit"? Well, it is true. Our bodies are designed to protect us, they are designed to make sure that we can do whatever we need to do when we need to do it.
Because of this, our bodies like to have a schedule in place. When you have a routine, your body gets used to that routine and it prepares you physically and mentally for that routine. This is why you find yourself getting up on the weekends at the same time that you would get up for work and why you seem to get hungry at the same times every day."


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