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  • 3 Easy Tips for Amazing Muscles - 444 words
  • Bodyweight Training What It Is and How to Use It - 440 words
  • Lose Your Weight With Weightlifting - 448 words
  • Planning For Your Bodybuilding Success - 699 words
  • Why You Always Need to Finish Strong - 633 words

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Sample 1:

"So many people know that they want to workout and they want to get in shape, but they don’t know how to do it. If this sounds like you then you should know that you are not alone. Changing your body is hard, especially when you are used to living a certain way. Changing your body gets even harder when you do not know what you should be doing to create real change.
If you are struggling with finding a workout routine that works for you, these tips should help.

1. Always Work Out At Least Two Muscle Groups
You want to get the most out of each of your workout routines. This means that you want to get maximum results for each workout. You simply can't do this if you are only working out one muscle group at a time.
For instance, you could focus the first part of your workout on doing bicep curls and pull ups and then you can move to the floor to focus the second part of your workout on your abs/buttocks/lower body.
And of course, in addition to working out the muscle groups it never hurts to add a few minutes of cardio and stretching before and after your workout."


Sample 2

"When you think of a weight lifting, one image usually comes to mind. Those ripped abs, those large arm muscles, and that chiseled body that seems to be the standard for the perfect body. We don't really see all of the work that went into that body. We don’t see the hours at the gym and all of the sweat and tears that person went through while they were weight training. 

All we see is the finished product. We don't really see any of the negatives.
But there are some negatives about being a weight trainer, and unfortunately these things can be dangerous.
For starters, weight lifting is very hard on the joints. Think about it, the only way to make those muscles so big is to constantly push them. This doesn’t just put pressure on the joints themselves, it also creates small micro-fissures. This can easily results in weakened joint muscles. And even If you don't feel this right away, it can still effect you during your later years in life."


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