Muscle Building PLR Mega Bundle

$50.00 - Includes:

  • 10 Muscle Building PLR Articles
  • 10 Muscle Building PLR Blog Posts
  • 10 Muscle Building PLR Product Reviews
  • 17 Page Report - "7 Keys to Total Transformation"
  • "7 Keys to Total Transformation" Minisite
  • "7 Keys to Total Transformation" Promotional Banners and Website Graphics
  • 3 "7 Keys to Total Transformation" videos
  • BONUS - A week's worth of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Snack Recipes
  • BONUS - Over 200 Keywords
  • BONUS - One Month of Muscle Building Tweets

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Complete Muscle Building PLR Mega Bundle


10 Muscle Building PLR Articles:

  • Breaking Through the Four Biggest Lies About Muscle Building - 620 words
  • Rest - The Secret to Muscle Growth - 555 words
  • Using Compound Exercises for Muscle Building - 539 words
  • What to Expect During the First 3 Months at the Gym - 700 words
  • Why Do You Want to Build Muscle - 757 words
  • CrossFit - Is it For You - 535 words
  • The Beginners Guide to Building Muscle - 699 words
  • The Easiest Way to 6 Pack Abs - 539 words
  • The Secret to Finding a Workout Routine that You Love - 590 words
  • Why You Need Rest Days - 577 words


10 Muscle Building PLR Blog Posts:

  • 3 Exclusive Tips for Building Muscle - 508 words
  • Do You Know the Truth About Muscle Building Supplements - 504 words
  • The 5 Best Foods for Muscle Building - 479 words
  • The Secret to Six Pack Abs -- 513 words
  • Why You Shouldn't Be Counting Calories - 540 words
  • 3 Easy Tips for Amazing Muscles - 444 words
  • Bodyweight Training - What It Is and How It Works - 440 words
  • Lose Your Weight With Weightlifting - 448 words
  • Planning for Your Bodybuilding Success - 699 words
  • Why You Always Need to Finish Strong - 633 words


10 Muscle Building PLR Product Reviews:

  • 10 Minute Trainer - 453 words
  • Brazil Butt Lift - 474 words
  • ChaLEAN Extreme - 417 words
  • Insanity - 501 words
  • Kettleworx - 450 words
  • P90X - 426 words
  • P90X2 - 470 words
  • Rip 60 - 421 words
  • TurboFire - 446 words
  • Zumba Fitness Exhilarate - 482 words


"7 Keys to Total Transformation" PLR Report - 17 pages - 6,745 words


  • Title Page
  • Table Of Contents

                  Topics Include:

  • Never Skip Breakfast
  • Drink Enough Water
  • Always Get the Right Sleep and Recovery Time
  • High Intensity Cardio
  • Read Your Labels
  • Get Toned with Resistance Training
  • Body Transformation is a Lifestyle



"7 Keys to Total Transformation" PLR Website Template:

  • 14 Website Graphics Including Header, Footer, and "Add to Cart" button (graphics are a mix of jpg and png)
  • Main Website Page that You can Edit
  • PSD Minisite Page 
  • Thank You Page




"7 Keys to Total Transformation" PLR Promotional Banners and Graphics:

  • 4 gif graphics - perfect if you buy ads or do ad swaps


3 "7 Keys to Total Transformation" PLR Videos:

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4 Amazing Bonuses:


 Bonus 1:

5 Recipe Guides - each has 7 days worth of Recipes:

  1. Breakfast Recipes   (PDF and Word Format)
  2. Lunch Recipes    (PDF and Word Format)
  3. Dinner Recipes   (PDF and Word Format)
  4. Dessert Recipes   (PDF and Word Format)
  5. Snack Recipes   (PDF and Word Format)

Sample Recipes: (Lunch)

  • Pasta and Beans
  • Turkey Reuben
  • Healthy Roti
  • Seasame Nooodles with Chicken
  • Mexican Lunch Minue the Meat
  • Healthy Lunch Pizza
  • Grilled Veggies

 Bonus 2: 

eBook PLR Covers for Each Recipe Guide



      Bonus 3:


                                                                      Keyword List - Over 200 keywords



     Bonus 4:



One Month of Muscle Buiding Tweets



Muscle Building PLR Article Sample:

"What is CrossFit? For many, it is the exercise routine that has changed their lives. In fact, in 2012 there were over 3,000 gyms across the world that had accepted the CrossFit methods. But the question isn't how CrossFit has helped other people to succeed, the question is what can CrossFit do for you?

 The Basics

The concept behind CrossFit, (also called "cross-fitness training"), is that you have to mix your exercises up constantly in order to get the best out of your workout routine. Only then will you see the results that you want.

For example, let's say that you are a great runner. Running is the one thing that you love to do so you do that exercise the most. Using the CrossFit guidelines, you can't just stick to running as the main focus of your workout. Instead, you will have to alternate repeatedly.

So instead of just doing the cardio exercise of running, you will be weight lifting, biking, and even combat sparring in order to keep working different muscles.

CrossFit is designed to make you push your body to its limit. Only then will you start to see real change. Unlike most programs that treat each person as an individual in their workout regime, under CrossFit everyone will be doing the same workouts – no matter where they are starting from.

The only difference will be in the intensity of your workouts. So even if you are 100 pounds overweight and you have just started working out you will still be doing the same exercises as the professional athlete who uses CrossFit. The only difference is that your workout will be less intensity than the athletes workout. "



Muscle Building PLR Blog Post Sample:

"So many people know that they want to workout and they want to get in shape, but they don’t know how to do it. If this sounds like you then you should know that you are not alone. Changing your body is hard, especially when you are used to living a certain way. Changing your body gets even harder when you do not know what you should be doing to create real change.

If you are struggling with finding a workout routine that works for you, these tips should help. 

1. Always Work Out At Least Two Muscle Groups

You want to get the most out of each of your workout routines. This means that you want to get maximum results for each workout. You simply can't do this if you are only working out one muscle group at a time.

For instance, you could focus the first part of your workout on doing bicep curls and pull ups and then you can move to the floor to focus the second part of your workout on your abs/buttocks/lower body.

And of course, in addition to working out the muscle groups it never hurts to add a few minutes of cardio and stretching before and after your workout. "


Muscle Building PLR Product Review Sample:

"There’s a lot to be said for what can be accomplished in 10 minutes. But a workout? Has a successful system ever been done in 10 minutes? Now it has! With Tony Horton’s impressive 10 Minute Trainer, you can have your body (and life) transformed in only 10 minutes a day - and we can all find 10 minutes to spare no matter how busy our days are.


The results in weight loss and health benefits are worth it. Not knowing what to do and not being able to squeeze one more thing to do into an overloaded schedule is the reason that many people - from A list celebrities to stay-at-home moms, from working dads to college students - say is the reason why they’re overweight and out of shape. "



Muscle Building Report Sample:

"Now, more than ever before, it is important for you to realize that your health does matter. The way you treat your body, the things that you eat and the workouts that you do can all literally save your life – or end it.

But there is good news, it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, just because you picked up this guide you have made a step in the right direction, a step that could change your life for the better.

And that is what is going to make all of the difference in your success, those small changes that you make every day that are a step in the right direction. So many times we see the big goal and we forget that it takes many baby steps to make that goal a reality.

We don't want to be healthy 6 months from now, we don't want to wait a year to lose all of our excess weight, we want to be thinner right now. Unfortunately, that 'right now' desire is what makes it so hard for many people to succeed at losing weight and changing their lifestyles. "





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