Paleo Diet PLR Articles 2

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  • How to Be a Smart Paleo Cheater - 553 words
  • Paleo Diet for Diabetes - 466 words
  • Paleo Kids - 620 words
  • Paleo Kitchen Gadgets - 567 words
  • Why Buying Organic is Critical For Your Paleo Success - 654 words

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 Sample 1:

"Everyone wants their family to be healthy. Whether it is just to trim a little weight, create lasting healthy habits, or to reduce the risk of illnesses most parents understand that they need to be healthy to live a long life and they will suffer through meals that they don't really care for because they know that the end will justify the means. On the other hand, there are the children……

Unless your child has been living in a bubble they have likely had some form of sugar or processed food in their little lifetime. Even the healthiest parents send their kids to grandma's house or let their child slide when they are at a sleepover. There is no shame in that, they are kids after all. But when you start eating Paleo, one of the biggest goals for you and your family is to ditch the sugar and processed foods for the first thirty days in order to give your body a chance to reset itself.  

This is an adjustment for anyone, let alone a child who couldn't care less about things like eating healthy, especially when all of their friends get to eat treats and snacks and they are stuck with 'health food'."


Sample 2:

"When you first start on any diet, you need to take a hard look at your kitchen and see if your kitchen gadgets will actually let you make anything on your new meal plan. After all, if you are going on a juice diet and you don't have a juicer you might find yourself in some trouble. This is yet another area where eating Paleo rocks. You don't need any fancy equipment to get started on the Paleo path, in fact all you need is some basic kitchen utensils and a little patience. 

So let's say that you just started eating Paleo and you don't have the money right now to go out and buy anything new for your kitchen. Even if you just have a shredder, a peeler, and a pan you can still make a delicious sunny side up egg sitting on a bed of sweet potato hash. "

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