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  • Easy Switches to Start Your Paleo Life - 538 words
  • Easy Tips for Planning Your Meals - 704 words
  • Eating Out While Eating Paleo - 572 words
  • Paleo on a Budget - 727 words
  • What All Paleo Meals Should Have - 406 words

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 Sample 1:

"When you first get started on the Paleo diet, or any diet for that matter, one of the hardest things to get adjusted to is the new way of eating. But as hard as a new way of eating is on your tastebuds it is even harder on your body. After all, you have eaten one way for your entire life, if you are decide one day that you are going to change things up your body is sure to rebel. Yes, at the end of the rebellion you will find yourself healthier and more energetic than you ever thought possible but don't be surprised if in the beginning you feel physical cravings for the unhealthy foods that you are used to eating. "


Sample 2:

"Whenever you think about starting a new healthy lifestyle, price is always on your mind. Sure, it might be easy for the person on the book cover to go the store for fresh produce twice a day but when you are a working mom dealing with a family and a budget it just isn't that simple. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can get around this predicament while keeping your budget, and your sanity, intact. 

Be a Planner

You don't just want to plan your meals, but you also want to plan your budget. If your family is still eating processed foods, then you need to consider their grocery expenses on top of your own. If you are planning to eat out at all during your budget cycle you want to set that money aside as well so that you have it when you need it.  "

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