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  • Benefits of a Paleo Diet - 462 words
  • Best Workouts for the Paleo Diet - 421 words
  • Paleo Diet and Children - 435 words
  • Paleo Diet Controversy - 488 words
  • What is the Paleo Diet - 405 words

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"If you look at the before and after pictures of a Paleo diet, you are sure to be blown away. People who were overweight have lost significant pounds, people who were out of shape look firm and toned, and older people seem to look years younger. All of these changes supposedly came from a few simple diet changes. 
But if we are really honest, all of those before and after pictures are really just that, pictures. How are you supposed to really be able to tell what changes have happened to a person through pictures? At the end of the day, just looking at pictures does not give you any real clue about the results that these Paleo dieters have gotten."

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