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  • Getting Ready to Have a Baby - 630 words
  • Having a Baby Hospital Bag - 473 words
  • Packing List for the Hospital or Birth Center - 585 words
  • What Do You Pack in Your Hospital Bag - 560 words
  • When Do You Pack Your Hospital Bag - 553 words

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"There is nothing in life like getting ready to have a baby, it literally turns your entire world upside down. Your home is changing, your relationship with your spouse is changing, your pets are acting strange, and your body is going through changes that no doctor could ever really prepare you for. You know that at the end of it, all of these changes will be well worth it because you will be bringing a new life into this world, one that is filled with new hopes dreams and possibilities. You understand that at some point all of the madness of getting ready to have a baby will settle down, but you also know that your life will never really be the same again. 
First, getting ready to have a baby means getting ready for big changes in your marriage. A baby will make your marriage stronger than you ever thought possible. For many couples, they feel that a baby makes their family 'official'. And if this is your first child, you will be amazed at how much love you have for this new little life, and how much deeper your love for your spouse will grow. However, a newborn also means that both you and your husband will have to work much harder to make the time that you have alone together count. Taking care of a new baby can bring you to a point of exhaustion that you never thought was possible. Your lack of sleep can make it much harder for you and your spouse to feel connected at a time when you both need each other more than ever. To keep your connection strong, try spending a lot of quality time together during the last few weeks of pregnancy and have a plan to start going on a date once a week after the baby is a month or so old."

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