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Topics Include:

  • Doc McStuffins "Time for Your Checkup" doll - 572 words
  • Fisher Price Jake and the Never Ending Pirates Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky - 449 words
  • Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Doll - Harmony B Sharp - 521 words
  • The New Furby 2012 - 624 words
  • Gelarti Designer Sturdio - 506 words
  • LeapPad2 Explorer - 496 words
  • Micro Chargers - 479 words
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset - 413 words
  • Yvoltion YFlicker F1 Flow Series Scooter - 466  words
  • Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister - 447 words
  • LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle - 502 words
  • ID Collector Dolls - 491 words
  • Skylanders Giants Sarter Pack - 513 words
  • Tabeo 7 Inch Kids Tablet - 511 words
  • Wii U - 483 words




Sample 1:

Does the little girl in your life has an artist inside them just waiting to get out? Does she love to sit for hours coloring, drawing, and painting? Do you feel like she can never get enough creativity in her life? Then the one of a kind Gelarti Designer Studio is sure to be a gift that she will be excited about, not only at Christmas, but for a long time to come. 

What makes the Gelarti Designed Studio so special? Well for starters, it allows your child to unleash her inner creative spirit. Your child will love being able to color, create, and re-use her artwork again and again. She will simply pick a sticker that she likes out of the six sticker sheets, grab one of the four included paint pens, and let her imagination loose. 



Sample 2:

It's no secret that little girls love dolls. For most little girls, they love being able to have something that they can love and take care of the way that their parents love and take care of them. When it comes to dolls for little girls, there are always a lot of options. And a lot of these dolls are cute and cuddly, so in a way they serve their purpose. But when it comes to teaching your child about taking care of others, there is only one doll that stands above the rest, Disney's Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll.
Based on the popular Disney Jr tv show, Dottie 'Doc McStuffins' is a Dr. who takes care of her friends and helps to keep them well. Armed with her pink and blue sparkly bag, Doc uses her special supplies to give check-ups and find out what is making her friends sick. Now Lambie is sick and it is your child's job to help Doc McStuffins to give Lambie a checkup and make her all better. 


Sample 3:

Nintendo has once again figured out a way to do something that is completely unique and one step ahead of the competition. After months of anticipation, it is finally here. The Wii U is taking the world by storm. With a sleek design and, new capabilities, and a stunning new controller, this is the item that everyone wants under their Christmas tree in 2012.

The graphics of the Wii U are nothing short of astounding. In fact, for the first time in the history of Nintendo, one of their products has the ability to reach a full 1080p HD. But that doesn't mean that you won't be able to enjoy your favorite Wii games. The Wii U is mostly backwards compatible. In other words, almost all of your favorite Wii games can be played on the Wii U without any problems. You can even use many of your Wii accessories with the Wii U

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