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  • Assaissains Creed III - 444 words
  • Call of Duty Black Ops II - 471 words
  • Halo 4 - 466 words
  • Just Dance 4 - 496 words
  • Madden NFL 13 - 462 words

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"Imagine this, you are a master chief. Your mission is to defeat a great evil that has set out destroy anything in its path. You have battled before, but you have never faced anything like this. The enemies are stronger, their weapons are stronger, and they are more vicious than ever before. You have no choice but to face this evil head on. After all, it is your mission...
Halo is back and it is even better than ever before. The video game that gamers have been addicted to for years has released its fourth installment, Halo 4. The features are better, the graphics are amazing, and of course it is a game that is not going to disappoint.
Play it alone and feel like you are in the action. Have the whole gaming screen to yourself and go as far as you want into the world of Halo 4. Or you can opt to play with friends. Halo 4 offers a split screen, allowing you to share your gamespace with up to 3 friends. This allows you to work together, strategize, and conquer."


Sample 2

"Are you looking for a first person shooter that is like nothing you have ever seen before? Are you ready to be thrown into the kind of action and adventure that will draw you into the action of a true first shooter masterpiece? Whether Call of Duty Black Ops II is your first time playing the Call of Duty series or you are a fan of the original Call of Duty game, you will soon find that there is no other game out there quite like Call of Duty Black Ops II.
This game offers one of a kind gameplay, the kind of gameplay that you simply cannot find anywhere else. In 2010, the original Call of Duty burst onto the video game scene and became an instant hit. Any fan of the first person shooter game knew of the Call of Duty game and most of them either had the game or had played the game."


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