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  • 4 Video Marketing Tips to Save Your Sanity - 483 words
  • Why Your Script is More Important Than Your Video - 707 words
  • How to Make Great Videos Even if You Have Stage Fright - 531 words
  • Using Emotion for Viral Video Marketing - 558 words
  • Why You Should Survey Your Audience Before Creating Your Next Video - 573 words

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 Sample 1:

"Whether you are new to the whole 'video' thing or you have been doing it for awhile the truth is always the same – video marketing can be a bear. Sure, creating a video is much easier than having to type up an article and uploading a video is a breeze compared to the waiting game people used to play when they would put their articles on popular sites like Ezine articles.

But when it comes to the marketing part of video marketing, things tend to get a little tough. Many people are downright shocked when they upload their video to a popular site like YouTube and they can't seem to get any views to that video. They didn't do anything wrong, and in many cases those videos look nice and they have a great message to them. In fact, the only real problem is that many times these people don't have a video marketing strategy.

If you are trying to help your videos to become more popular, here are a few quick and easy tips."


Sample 2:

"For many people involved in video marketing, their primary focus is on the video that they are putting together. Sure, they have a general idea of what they want to say and they might even have a rough script that they want to go through, but overall the video itself is their main focus.

People focus their attention on how they are going to construct their video, what effects they are going to use, and how they are going to be marketing the video once it is complete – which are all very important things to know.

But without a great script, you can have the best video in the world and still get nowhere with it. If you don't have a script that is going to get your audience interested in learning more from you, they will simply take what they need from your video and move on.

What Should Be In Your Script?

Your script doesn't have to be long, it just has to have a good message, build trust, and have a call to action.  And of course, everything should flow along at a nice pace, you don't want a video that drags on so long that it loses the interest of your viewers. "

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