Welcome to Rachel Young PLR's Affiliate Center!

Would you like to wake up with money in your PayPal account just waiting for you? As an affiliate for RachelYoungPLR, you will receive 50% commissions on every product that is sold through your link.

NOTE: You will Not receive commissions on products you purchase through your own link and you will not receive commissions on products the customer has requested a refund for

What's it All About?

As a RachelYoungPLR affiliate, you will earn 50% on all of your sales - even on specials!

So let's say that I am running a special PLR sale and I am offering a $24.00 PLR bundle for half off. So the customer pays $12 and you earn $6 for that special.

Now $6 doesn't sound like much, but let's say that you have a small list of subscribers that you tell about the sale and only 10 of them decide that they want to jump on that special, that $6 would turn into $60 with little effort from you.

 And that's just on a special, imagine if you could get 10 people to buy that PLR bundle at regular price. That would be an easy $120 for you, (cuz you know, 10 x $12 per sale = $120).  

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers!

Q: Do I need a website or a list in place to be a RachelYoungPLR affiliate?

A. No, anyone can be an affiliate :)

Q: Some of my commissions are a little lower than the sale price the customer paid, Why?

A. RachelYoungPLR is a Maryland based business. In the rare occasion that the customer is also a Maryland resident, they will be charged sales tax. The amount that you are seeing is the amount of sales+sales tax.

Ex: If the customer in MD buys $5 worth of product, the 'sale amount' will say $5.25 ($5 +.25 in sales tax). You are getting commission on the actual sale ($5), so your commission would be $2.50

Q: When/How will I get Paid?

A. All affiliates are paid through Paypal every Wednesday. Payouts will not include any purchases you make through your own affiliate link or any or any customer refunds of sales that were made through your affiliate link.

 Q: How much do I have to sell in order to get paid?

A. There is no minimum payout, you will get paid even if you only sell one pack (which is highly unlikely since so many of my products are designed to compliment each other)

 Q: Can I buy through my affiliate link?

A. No, anyone who is caught making purchases through their affiliate links will not earn commissions from those sales, and may be removed from the affiliate program.

 Q: How do I promote the products?

A. Once you create an affiliate account, simply login to your affiliate dashboard and you will see your affiliate tools. Simply grab the tools that you need and use them to drive sales.

 Q: What if I want an affiliate tool that you don't have?

A. It's my job to make being being an affiliate as easy for you as possible. If there is something in the affiliate tools section that you would like to see, feel free to send me an email at: Rachel@RachelYoungPLR.com and I will try to have it created for you - just be sure to put "Affiliate Request" in the subject line.

Already an Affiliate?

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