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  • All About Hot Yoga - 639 words
  • Have Some Hatha Yoga - 602 words
  • Need Power? Try Core Power Yoga - 465 words
  • Power Yoga Powering It Up - 534 words
  • Yoga for the Soul - 549 words

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Sample 1:

"Yoga is something that is truly for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are young, old, sick, well, fat or thin, there is always a place on a yoga mat for you. A gentle yoga practice can help you to feel relaxed if you are stressed, a core yoga practice can help you to walk taller and have a better sense of self esteem, and a Dahn yoga practice can help you to feel more soulfully connected with yourself. Whether you are looking to feel relaxed, energized, or just plain sexy there is literally a yoga style for all of us.


And then there is Hot Yoga…


Have you ever done a rigorous cardio workout? Have you come out of that workout dripping with sweat but feeling energized because you know you have literally just flushed a ton of nasty toxins out of your body? Hot yoga is like a hard cardio routine on a yoga mat. You will be able to feel the same heart pounding energy and you will still get the amazing sense of health you get when you sweat out those nasty toxins from your body."


Sample 2

"There are a lot of great things about a good yoga practice, and all of these things make yoga a very addicting workout. Whether you are looking to be more productive in your day, build muscle, ease anxiety, or just have a general feeling of well being yoga can give you that.


But one of the best things about yoga is the way that it tones and strengthens those core muscles. When your core is strong, it is like the rest of your body automatically feels stronger too. A strong core feels like you have a band around your entire midsection, you walk taller, you stand straighter, and you just feel sexier about yourself.


If you are looking for a great way to shape your core and get sweat those nasty toxins out of your body, core power yoga is for you. Just one round of this powerful yoga routine will have you hooked. This is the kind of yoga class that will push you while you are there, but you will walk out feeling like you have just done an amazing thing for your body."


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