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"There was a time when people would think of yoga as some sort of wacky practice that only the most eccentric people took part in. Anytime someone was pictured doing yoga they seemed to be perched on a mountaintop in some kind of strange and dangerous looking pose. But as the yoga trend has become more and more popular, people are starting to realize that yoga is not just something reserved for the most eccentric of people, yoga is for everyone. In fact, everyone from kids to cancer patients have reported finding mental and physical relief after adding a short yoga practice into their day.



When it is used regularly, yoga can help you to lose stress, ease anxiety, and adjust your endocrine system. But more than that, yoga helps you to learn to be 'non-reactive' to stressful situations. You will learn to breathe through stressful situations and trust your body to help you come out on the other side of whatever is bothering you. Think about all of the stressful situations that you have in your life. You wake up for work, drive in traffic, have an exhausting day at work, get back in your car, pick up the kids, get to dinner, and get ready to do it all over again the next day. "


Sample 2

"You know that both men and women love yoga. Women love it because they can feel better about themselves and change their bodies for the better. Men love it because it helps them to build flexibility and it works their muscles in ways that most workout routines do not. But yoga isn't just for men and women, it is also for kids! More and more yoga studios are recognizing the amazing benefits of offering yoga classes to the younger generation and allowing them to get familiar with an easy yoga routine.

So many of the benefits that we as adults get from a good yoga routine can be passed onto our kids. All of those wonderful things that we can learn from our yoga practice are things that our kids can learn from their yoga practice too. Even though they are young, kids can really benefit from that mind-body-spirit connection that yoga offers as well as the physical strength and flexibility that they can gain. "


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